Safeguarding children in the woods and meadows

Dog walkers please be aware that children from Daisies Day Nursery regularly use the woods and meadows as part of their Forest School activities. They mainly use the top of the second meadow and the woodland to the north and east of the third meadow. Many of these young children are frightened when a dog rushes over and jumps up at them, no matter how friendly the dog is.

We understand that you may not always see the children from the distance, particularly in the woods. If you do see children in the woods and meadows, though, please put your dog on a lead and keep your dog away from the children.  Please remember it is your responsibility to keep your dog under control at all times.

The prime times for Forest School activities are 9.00 to 11.30 am and 2.00 to 3.30 pm. Please be particularly vigilant at these times.

Posted 25th April 2018


Dog Incident 12th April 2018

On Thursday afternoon, 12 April 2018, one of our volunteers was bitten by an out-of-control dog while carrying out maintenance work in our meadows.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, it is illegal for a dog to be ‘out of control’ or to bite or attack someone. The owner or person in charge of a dog is also committing an offence if someone is afraid that a dog may bite them. So it is important that all dogs are kept under control at all times when in public places.

In this case, the owner took some time to arrive at the scene before stopping the dog attacking our volunteer.  The owner’s subsequent behaviour was also completely unacceptable as he indicated it was the fault of the volunteer because he did not have a dog with him.  Gedling House Woods and Meadows are local nature reserves and are open to the public at all times. If an owner knows that a dog is likely to attack a person without a dog, the dog should be kept on a lead. It is also unacceptable to take a view that the reserves should be used only by dog walkers. 

We have notified the Neighbourhood Wardens.  We would like to identify the person whose dog attacked our volunteer so that we can follow this up with the Wardens and the Police, if necessary.  The male owner was described as being “in his thirties or forties with a flat cap and beard”. The dog’s name is Eva. The dog, thought to be about the size of a German Shepherd “but slimmer, grey and black with short hair”. He was walking with another dog owner, a woman who is often in the meadow with two Labradors, one white, one black.

We welcome dogs and their many responsible owners in the woods and meadows. If you can provide us with a name and hopefully an address for this irresponsible person, we can take the case further and deal with the safety issue involved.  We are particularly concerned that the children from the local nursery who regularly use the meadow might be put at risk by this dog. You can let us know via the contact box on our website  or by speaking with one of our committee members.

Posted 16th April 2018

Meadow and Woodland Management Plans

We’ve published the meadow and woodland management plans. These can be downloaded from here:
Meadow Management Plan
Woodland Management Plan

Posted 3rd January 2018

New Map
We have a new downloadable sketch map of the woods and meadow, showing the pathways. This can be downloaded from our Maps page, or from here:
Sketch Map

Posted 18th August 2017

New Interpretation Board
A new interpretation board has been installed for meadow three, allowing identification of the wildflowers present in the meadow.

Posted 17th July 2017

The Annual General Meeting of Friends of Gedling House Woods (FGHW) took place on Friday 16th June

The 2017 Annual Report can be found here: 2017 Annual Report

Posted 19th June 2017