Gedling House Woods and Meadows are nature reserves on the edge of Gedling in Nottinghamshire. Owned by Gedling Borough Council, they have been looked after by the Friends of group since 2003. 


*** Updated – Meadows reopened ***

The meadows have now reopened following the annual weed spray.

Posted 21st/6/2024

Meadows Closure

We need to close the meadows on Thursday 20th to do the annual weed spray. We are required to do this under our contract with Defra (the Rural Payments Agency) to keep invasive weeds at bay in a wildflower  meadow.

We spray individual plants only: nettles, thistles, dock, burdock, brambles and ragwort – all in the meadow only.  The spray used is “Thrust”, approved nationally and by GBC. It is safe for animals after it is dry but to be sure we close the meadows during spraying and overnight afterwards. 
We will reopen in the middle of the day on Friday 21st June.

Posted 19th June 2024

Meadow and Woodland Management Plans

We’ve updated the meadow and woodland management plans. Version 12 of these can be viewed here:
Woodland management plan
Meadow management plan

Posted 13th July 2023

FGHW Committee

As you know the committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting of FGHW and, with some changes of role, I thought it would be helpful to know who does what on the committee.  We meet around four or five times a year and, broadly, take on these responsibilities:

Craig Bowen: Treasurer, finances and website
Chris Hollingsworth: Liaison with dog walkers and linked organisations
Frank Knowles: Chair, and liaison with Gedling Borough Council and other external bodies
Andy Newton: Calendar, chief photographer and key maintenance work
Paul Sergent: Documenting what goes on and key maintenance work
Dan Straw: Membership secretary and communication with members

Most of the email communications you receive from now on will be from Dan Straw. He has taken over the communications role from Carol Whiteley, who you will know served the Friends so well over many years.  Do please use Dan as the main point of email communication.  You may find it easier to use the contact form on the FGHW website, which will also find its way to Dan.

Finally, we have a vacancy on the committee, and particularly look to find someone who can manage our committee agendas and minutes.  If you have the skills to do this, and would like to help us out, we’d be pleased to hear from you. We would hope make a co-option onto the committee until the next AGM elections.

The meadows have not produced the quantity of hay this year we have come to expect, but the recent wet weather has stimulated plenty of new growth.  We will be seeing sheep back in the meadows later in the autumn to trim that back.  Look out, too, for some new planting in the woods in the late autumn.  In the meantime, we hope  you will enjoy your visits to the  woods and meadows while the good weather remains.

Frank Knowles
FGHW Chair

Posted 13th September 2022


The updated constitution agreed at the 2022 AGM has been made available now. Please see this link for the updated version here

Posted 8th July 2022

Website updates

In August 2021 a wildlife survey was carried out in the reserves, and the results are now available in our survey page here

We’ve added the dog walking code of conduct to the website. This can be found here

Posted 11th June 2022