Gedling House Woods and Meadows cover an area of about 11 hectares (26 acres). They are situated on the edge of urban development four miles from Nottingham city centre.

The woods contain mature native broad leaved trees with some recent additions. Two of the meadows are the original grassland with some wild flowers. Apart from grazing, they have probably been undisturbed for several hundred years. The third meadow was restored to form a wildflower meadow in 2014.

Gedling House Woods and Meadows form a hugely valuable environmental resource. The woodland and the meadows are designated separately as Local Nature Reserves. The site has a rich biodiversity. It provides public access for recreational activities such as walking, dog walking and observation of flora and fauna.

The woods and meadows are managed entirely by volunteers. Much of the maintenance work needed is also carried out by volunteers, although we use contractors for some of the larger activities. The Friends of Gedling House Woods need the support of local people who enjoy using the woods and meadows, or who just value its green presence amid the spread of urbanisation.

You may feel you would like to be associated with the aims of the group but without playing an active part in the work of the group. Alternatively you may wish to be more closely included in our activities and spend some time with us maintaining the site. Either way, we would welcome your membership.

A personal annual subscription is £3, or £5 for a household.