We have created a dog walking code of conduct which can be viewed here

Code of Conduct

DOG POO These Nature Reserves are used by children from Daisies Day Nursery
and Carlton le Willows Academy. We ask that IF YOU SEE SOME POO, PLEASE BAG IT
& BIN IT. We understand that a dog can’t be watched 100% of the time, so someone
else might be cleaning up after your dog, too. We don’t want poorly children, and
poo doesn’t sit well on your carpet when you take it home on your shoes.

RESPECT other individuals using the meadows and woods. Some may be afraid of
dogs. If your pet is lively, please keep a close eye on it or keep it on a lead to ensure
that it’s not causing other users of the meadow to be distressed.

GATHERING close to the main entrance on Wood Lane near Carlton Le Willows
Academy can lead to people (with and without dogs) feeling intimidated. When
leaving the meadows, it would be appreciated if you could put leads on dogs near
the large tree at the bottom of the first meadow, well away from the gate, please.

WORKING Volunteers and contractors working on the meadows or the woods
often need access for vehicles and machinery. Please look out for the “No Parking”
banner we put on the main gate before we start work and leave the main entrance
free for vehicle access when the sign is up.

WILDLIFE and dogs don’t mix. There are small mammals and ground feeding birds
in the woods and meadows. Please don’t let your dog chase these animals or birds.
Again, keep a close eye on it or keep it on a lead to ensure that it’s not causing
wildlife any distress.

PARKING We are aware that parking near to the meadow is difficult at the best of
times but ask that you are respectful of residents’ rights of access. Please also keep
noise levels to a minimum whenever possible.

MEMBERSHIP To support the upkeep of the meadows and woods by our
volunteers please visit either the FGHW website or Facebook page and sign up for
Membership. At £3 for an individual, £5 per family and £10 per group / company /
professional per year, subscriptions and our members help keep the Nature Reserves
safe, clean and well maintained in accordance with our Natural England agreement.

Dog Ownership and The Law

DOG POO Failing to pick it up can lead to a fixed penalty notice of £100 or a
fine of up to £1000………Why? Because canine faeces contains parasites that, if
not cleaned up, can cause pregnant cattle to lose their young, as well as blindness
in humans. This is why we currently can’t use the meadow hay for animal feed.

OUT OF CONTROL Dogs must not be allowed to be ‘dangerously out of
control’, which means injuring someone or making someone fear they may be
injured. It applies to ALL dogs. A resulting injury could see you face up to 3 years
in prison, an unlimited fine, be disqualified from owning pets, and have your dog
destroyed. If your dog is apt to jump up someone or nip when it gets excited then
please use an extendable lead and or muzzle.

DOGS AND ROADS Please keep your dog on a lead and under control at all
times. If a dog is found to be responsible for a road traffic collision, the
owner/walker could find themselves having to pay compensation and legal costs.

DOGS AND SHEEP You must keep your dogs under close control or on a lead
when walking them where livestock are present, or may be present. It’s a criminal
offence to allow your dog to chase or attack livestock. Farmers can shoot dogs
they believe are worrying their livestock. If your dog gets excited when it sees
sheep or other livestock, please keep it on a lead – and out of the meadows.

COLLAR & TAG Please be aware that it is a legal requirement for your dog to
wear a collar and tag, and failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £2000.


We hope you enjoy your visit

Environmental Protection Act (1990), Litter (Animal Droppings) Order 1991; Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, The Countryside Code, Crime and Policing Act 2014, Road Traffic Act 1988, Control of Dogs Order 1992, Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, Protection of Livestock Act 1953. Gedling House Woods and Meadows – Nature Reserves